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Hey, all!

I am a lover of many things: my family, health, design, real estate, the sun, lip gloss and coffee! My first love is my hubby Mark…always supportive, always goofy, and always good looking.

My kiddos are my little loves. Ella is my 16 year old and she has more figured out in life than most adults. She is a very spiritual girl and can already see the big picture! She is a crazy, talented artist and photographer and I know she’ll have her own business one day.

Gwen is 13 and she makes me proud everyday! She is athletic, smart, sweet and accepting of everyone and is just good at everything she tries!.

Dezmond is my baby. He's 8 but I admittedly treat him like he's two. He is my heart and has a special connection to the spiritual world and with my dad who passed away in 2014 of cancer. 


Like so many others, I have been on a health journey my entire life.

hen I was pregnant with Dez I finally had enough and wanted to get healthy and get my sexy back. I had tried so many programs/diets in my life and nothing ever stuck! I was a woman who didn't feel sexy and just thought that was the way it was going to be. However, I finally believed that I could get in the best shape of my life. When I had Dez I was heavier then I had ever been but also more sure than ever that I was going to get ripped.  I started lifting weights, running, and eating healthier. I was stronger and more confident then I had been in my life. I was looking fit and feeling strong but I wasn't feeling great health wise.  I was groggy, exhausted, and had numbness in my arms and legs and just all around felt like crap. And then... I had a food transformation. 

I started to research food. Through my research I found out how much I didn't know about the food I was eating. I became passionate about learning about everything I put in my body. If I didn't know what it was, I didn't eat it and neither did my kids. I continued to research and learn and we eventually went totally Paleo. We cut out all processed food, all sugars, and grains. I started to feel better. Then, I lost my dad to cancer. From diagnosis to death was only three short months.

I watched a healthy, active man deteriorate and die in 90 days. It was the hardest thing I've ever been through and it lit a fire in me once again. I knew that food was the root cause of all our disease and can be our medicine as well. My research then led me to the health benefits of a High Fat Low Carb diet. Due to my years of research and being a science teacher, I knew the basic makeup of our cells and it made total sense to me that we need fat and we need to limit our carbohydrates for optimal health. So with all this knowledge, what was there left to do but share it with as many people as possible. I love to learn so I went through the Primal Health Coaching program so I could share with all of you!

Where does Soul Space come in? I had just spent all this time and money become a health coach, but I couldn’t get my love for home design and real estate out of my brain. What the hell?! I couldn’t do both…or could I? That’s when it happened. Ask and you shall receive. Maybe in the shower, but you shall receive. One day, I was lathering up and it just flooded my consciousness: Soul Space…your home is your sacred space and so is your body. Game on…let’s do this. So, I quit my teaching job of 17 years and jumped. Without seeing the ground, I jumped and here I am to help you find your happiness by using the power waiting inside your home and your body.  


Are you ready to change your life, too?

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