5 Ways to Start Your Day!

Hey all! When I envisioned a life where I got to make my own schedule, the first thing I saw was my morning routine. I wanted to wake up in the morning before the rest of the crazies, meditate, go outside and just set my intentions for the day. I started with meditating and thought I would just save other things I wanted to do (like reading or yoga) for later in the day. Well, of course most days that just didn't happen because this or that would come up. I learned the morning is when I have the most control of my day and so I decided to fit as many things in as I could. I have loved this routine so much that I thought I'd share! Here are the best 5 ways to start your day. Be sure to read until the end! I have a FREE gift for you so you can start experiencing your best mornings!


#1 Meditate

I start the day by giving myself at least an hour before the kids wake up. I go downstairs and get comfy. The first (and in my opinion, most important) thing I do is meditate. Now, I've talked about this before, but I was terrible at meditating. My mind was always going one hundred places a second and I truly didn't think I'd ever have the ability to stop it. It took lots and lots of practice (and some days I still struggle) but I'm able to breathe through it and calm my crazy mind. I should also mention that mediating changed my life. If I wouldn't have taken the time to learn to stop and just be, I would have never been able to listen to my true desires and learn who I was here to be. Here's a great blog about the benefits of meditation. 


Simple Habit

There are tons of guided meditation apps out there, but I love this one! Get it here

I know the benefits of meditating and have seen them in my own life. So, I meditate everyday! I love Simple Habit because it has 5 minute guided meditations. I tried to up my game and move on to 10 minutes...it's just too much for me right now. Ha! I know you'd think I could handle 5 more minutes, but I'm telling you from where this brain started, 5 minutes of off time is a lot!


#2 Read (self-help recommended)

Next, I read for 10 minutes. I always read some kind of self help, inspirational book. I love a good mystery book, but I'd rather start my day with a positive outlook than, "oh my goodness who killed her?!" I'm a little weird and I like to listen to my books on Audible and have a copy in my hands. I love to listen but I also love to highlight, make notes and flag pages. Let me tell you about a few of my favorites. "A Return to Love" is such a beautiful book! I almost flagged and highlighted every page! This book taught me how to move away from the fear brain and return to love. "You are a Badass" takes the sometimes heavy, confusing topic of the Universe and the law of attraction, and brings it to real life. Jen Sincero is hilarious and relatable. "You are a Badass at Making Money" takes the idea of money and helps you see the act of getting more of it in a whole new way. And because it's Jen Sincero, it's super down-to-earth and entertaining.

#3 Yoga

After I open my mind and fill it with good stuff, I move on to stretching and getting the blood moving through my body...yoga. Now, let me just say, it's a good thing I do this at home, because it ain't pretty. It doesn't have to be and I only do 6 minutes. I can do anything for 6 minutes. I really do love it, but sometimes I watch those girls and just think, "how in the hell??!" Again, there are tons of yoga apps out there but I love Asana rebel

#4 Exercise

So far we're only talking about 20-25 minutes. We all can handle that, right?? Now I move on to my workout. Two (and I'm loving it so much I might up it to 3) days per week I go to Orangetheory. You should check it out. It's an amazing workout and you can try your first class for free! When the kids are back in school I'll have to get up earlier on these days or just go to a class after I drop them off at school. On the days I don't go to Orangetheory I start by going out on my kayak. I love my time floating on the water. It's beautiful and I am always in full gratitude when I'm out there. We bought this house mostly for this view. Even before I allowed the idea for Soul Space into my consciousness, I knew this place was my soul space. 

I'm out there for about 10-30 minutes depending on my schedule that day. I understand not everyone can get out and kayak everyday, but even a walk outside would be great. Just taking in the beautiful morning. 

Every time I go out on the water I have to overcome fear. I hate swimming in ponds or lakes. It creeps me out to be in the water with so many animals that I can't see. I'm getting the heebie jeebies just thinking about it. However, it's a great exercise for me to work through ever day. I could (and sometimes do) sit out there and think of the gross bottom of the lake and how much algae and how many animals are swimming around down there or I can choose to look at the beauty all around me and listen to the sounds and just be at peace. 

After I kayak, I go for a 2 mile jog. If I'm feeling great I will get some sprints in. Here's a sprint program if you're interested. I also use BOD if I feel like doing a workout inside and/or lifting weights. I used to be very regimented. I always had to follow a certain plan. That is great if that's what you enjoy, but I realized now it needs to be more about how I'm feeling that day and what I enjoy doing. 

#5 Fuel up with healthy fats

You notice I still haven't eaten. I'll save more of my food choices for another time, but I eat pretty high-fat and low-carb. That's important to mention because it allows me to go longer periods of time without food. Here's some info on the difference between being a fat-burner or a sugar-burner. I love to do fasted cardio and have noticed that if I do eat before a workout I feel lethargic. So, I normally just chug some water first thing in the morning and while I'm reading and doing my yoga I have my preworkout drink. After my workout I make my weird, delicious fat coffee.

This coffee has tons of good fats, protein, and is just so yummy! I start with 1 tbsp of grass-fed butter or ghee. Then, I add 1 tbsp of coconut oil and 2 tbsp of heavy whipping cream (or you could add full-fat coconut milk if dairy bothers you). Next, I put in collagen peptides, a scoop of vanilla protein powder and some organic cinnamon. I pour in 2 cups of organic coffee and blend it all up with an immersion blender. It is so frothy and creamy! I'm serious when I say that I don't even like getting coffee anywhere else because it doesn't even compare. 

I sit back and enjoy my coffee while I check email and start my work day. It's a beautiful thing to wake up with such positive intentions and to feed your mind and body with such amazing fuel and love. By 8:00 am I have already accomplished the most important parts of my day and now I can focus on a positive work day and a relaxing night with my family. My mornings...the most important part of my day!

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