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Soul Space KC!

Let's Find Your Soul Space!!

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The Details...

Does your home environment inspire you?

Do you feel like it might be time for a change but you're not sure what your home needs?

Are you experiencing a life transition and need your home to reflect where you are now or where you want to be?

Soul Space KC creates the inspiring and aligned home environment you've been dreaming about. We bring your soul's desires to life to create a nurturing environment that fosters joy and happiness.

Your home should be a reflection of you and the vibe you want to be surrounded with. 

Let's explore whether an adjustment to your current space - or a new space altogether- is in order to create the space of your dreams.

Schedule your Room Analysis and we'll get started!


What do I get...

  • A Soul Space room analysis
  • A custom design made to feed your soul
  • Based on your budget Soul Space KC will shop, remodel and decorate your room or home to get it ready for you to live in and enjoy!
  • Soul Space KC will provide every step of the process: coaching you through what you truly desire, designing your space, completing any remodel needs and  styling out the space. 
  • You will get to come home to a space that is truly yours!


What if I already know I want to move??

  • We will help you get the most out of your current home so you can put even more toward you ultimate desires.
  • We will find you the home that brings out the best in you and aligns with your current vibe or the vibe you are looking to bring in. 
  • Soul Space KC finds homes that you can make your own and go through the entire remodel process from start to finish so you are able to move into the space designed for you.  
  • If a remodel does not feel good to you, we will find a home that is ready for you  to start living your truest life right away!