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renovate with ease and peace of mind with a project consultant on site

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let's start designing

We start every project with a Space Analysis. I will come to your home and walk through what's working, what your true desires are and if this space will get you to them. I will talk through a plan with you on the spot and then write up a custom plan for your specific project that could include any services listed below.


Profit Profile

(remodel before a sale)

After our space analysis we may decide that it’s time to move and that there’s huge financial potential in your house.

  • I will design the best design to reach the most people and get the most bang for your buck

  • I will lead the team of contractors and get your project complete before we list.

Dream House Demo

Let’s get you a house in the perfect location for a super great price and make it your dream home. 

  • I will design and manage your entire remodel

  • We will get you in there in a timely manner so you can start livin’ the dream.

Single Room Design

We will start with a space analysis and decide if this physical place is the place for you or maybe you’re being pulled to a new space and need to buy and sell (I can help with the too).

  • If we decide to stay put, we will determine what needs to be changed.

  • I will give you a brief overview of what my thoughts are on the room design

  • If we decide to move forward with the design, I will design the space based on your needs, style and budget.

  • When I am finished the room will be complete, beautiful and a smile won’t leave your face.

*All remodel project pricing provided after initial complimentary consultation



If we decide to list we will want to get your house ready to sell. It will sell fast and for the most money possible! We will help you unlock your home's full potential and get you closed fast! Every effort will be made to use as many items currently in the home as possible. We also love staging vacant homes!

Initial Consultation

Working with another agent - $200
Listing with me - included

After the initial consultation we will determine if more items (including decor and/or furniture pieces) are needed to get the home ready to list and sell fast! Items may be bought or rented depending on agreement with seller. 

Pricing is based on individual project needs and will be given after the initial consultation. 

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